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She does have a tendency to be a bit forgetful too. She does more in a week than most of us accomplish in a month! Read up on current issues, whether it is art, technology, movies, or books—anything interesting you that is topical. Then suggest to her that you and she check out a show or meet in a late night coffee shop to discuss the issues.

Gemini adores a lively debate she was probably captain of her debating team in college. Browse with her in a good bookstore, one that plays music to encourage lingering. Gemini rules the printed words, thus, she is happy in book shops.

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Or, if she has a new laptop, offer to help her set up her system folder. Convince her to let you assess the various local cellular phone carriers to choose the best deal for her, then meet to discuss your findings. As you see all these things are communication-oriented, and believe it or not, as dorky as these things seem, they will really turn her on. She will love you for your thoughtfulness. Trust me on this.

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Buy her a cellular phone or a beeper with voice mail messaging, with pre-paid service for a year so you can call her up and leave sexy messages. Or give her an all-expense-paid-trip for two with you! On the far end, they can be seen as cold and untrustworthy, and if you cross a Gemini woman you may quickly find yourself on the wrong end of her scorn. As one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac you can learn more about the Gemini sign here Geminis are constantly struggling to balance their desire for spontaneity and serendipity in life.

Such as those pesky things like obligations and responsibilities—you know, like work or home life responsibilities. We all sometimes need a break, especially Gemini. Gemini women are mostly known as outgoing and adventurous to their family and friends. They love to travel to new places and meet new people, and they seek out new experiences whenever they can. Geminis also have a never-ending thirst for knowledge, so education never really stops, even after a Gemini woman graduates.

Gemini woman personality traits and characteristics

In the right set of circumstances, Geminis can even act as a mirror, reflecting the feelings of others in an attempt to bridge an emotional gap. Gemini Woman Compatibility With Gemini Man:- Gemini woman and Gemini man is a match made in heaven as long as one or both of them come down to manage their daily affairs. They both love to roam so as long as they come back together and they will fly high.

Gemini Sun Woman

They will know how to satisfy one another in the bedroom as they both love the fantasy and games and experience their lovemaking on a mental and emotional plane. They will just have to watch out for their mood swings because they might find themselves in unexpected arguments.

But if they can walk away and come back they will do just fine as they are totally compatible with each other. The Gemini woman will see a knight in shining armor and he fancies himself as such.

He treats her like a lady. He understands that she loves adventure and he is willing to follow her anywhere. Although she is more independent than he is, so at times she will want to go off on her own and this will be difficult for him. If their love is to last they will have to learn to trust one another and work on their relationship. He will go with her at times but also has no problem with her going on her own. Both are social and will have fun together.

The Gemini Woman: May 21 – June 20

They are also dynamic in the sack! He loves to take care of and please his woman; she will return the favor. They will have excellent astrology compatibility if they are willing to work together to get the most out of their relationship. Gemini Woman Compatibility With Virgo Man:- The earthy Virgo man would prefer to be at home with his mate while she prefers to be out and about.

Gemini Woman in Marriage

For this zodiac partnership to last he will have to open himself to new ideas; the Gemini lady will take him on her journeys. She will have to slow down and spend some time at home with him.

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But her unpredictable nature goes against his need for stability and security. Her emotional outbursts will be hard for him to deal with. There will be much give and take for these two sun signs to stay interested in a compatible relationship. They both love the mental stimulation and will enjoy provoking thoughtful conversations between them. The Gemini female and Libra male will have a thoroughly satisfying sexual connection underneath the sheets as well.