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One oft he most important periods of the year will begin when Mars tours Pisces from December 19, through January 27, If you are in any competitive situation, you will likely win. Energy attracts more energy.

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Mars will rise your profile not only in your career but in your personal life as well. Mars will make you sexier and more attractive. Pluto is now moving through Capricorn, your eleventh house of friendship, indicating you have a number of very successful, influential friends that are pouring into your life and who care very much about your welfare. Pisces who have their birthdays that fall March 5 to 11 will benefit the most from their new friends, acquaintances, and contacts this year and in Another bonus of Pluto in an ideal angle to your Sun will be to give you a powerful rejuvenation effect if you have been concerned about an illness.

Pisces with birthdays that fall from February 19 to March 4 already felt the help from Pluto in earlier years.

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If your birthday falls later than March 11, you will get help from Pluto sometime between , depending on your exact birthday. Uranus, the planet of surprise, has been in your earned income sector, Aries, since March You have become familiar with the sudden ups and downs of your income, and no doubt you have crafted ways to deal with this rollercoaster effect caused by Uranus.

At times you did — or will this year — make more money than you ever imagined. So you see, this year could be the year that reverses the downs and makes you a millionaire. Make sure you manage money well, for it may go as fast as it comes!

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  • With Uranus, you never know what to expect. You have two good moments to ask for money.

    Key dates for Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 12222

    Apply for a scholarship, venture capital or sponsor investment, a mortage or bank loan. If you are in a court case about money, you likely will do well with the verdict at that time. The second date will arrive at the new moon, March You should ask for a raise in the days after it appears, but becaus Saturn will be in hard angle to that new moon, you may not get as much as you hoped. Be sure to spell out all that you have done for the firm — be persuasive! Practical Saturn will be at odds with your ruling planet, Neptune.

    Saturn and Neptune are very opposite in their areas of influence.

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    Saturn is the planet of nuts and bolts realism, while Neptune is the idealistic, artistic planet of dreams. In you may be a bit frustrated at times when the financial types ask you to tighten your belt and find a way to produce your stellar project to conform to rigid budgetary constraints. Saturn and Neptune need to journey far enough apart before you will see this trend melt away.

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