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If your Sun is on the Leo side, you are a perfectionist about your creative self-expression; it has to pass through the filter of self-criticism. If your Sun is on the Virgo side, you are more playful and expressive, the strict Virgo perfectionist nature leavened by creativity. If your Sun is on the Virgo side, your Virgo goal of perfection is sidetracked by dreams of romance and love.

You want to become the right person for someone. If your Sun is on the Libra side, you are more critical of others, and your relationship standards are stricter.

Office Employees and Co-Workers by Sign

You are a stickler for fairness. If your Sun is on the Libra side, you know more about others' dark motivations than you want to. You may choose to deny that you know uncomfortable things about the ones you love. If your Sun is on the Scorpio side, your dark nature is mixed with idealism. You feel deeply but look more on the bright side. If your Sun is on the Scorpio side, your depths are leavened with optimism.


You see the light at the end of the tunnel. If your Sun is on the Sagittarian side, you have some understanding of emotional undercurrents and dark emotions. You are able to feel what others feel. If your Sun is on the Sagittarius side, your expansive will to freedom is tempered with a sense of responsibility and ambition. If your Sun is on the Capricorn side, you can let your hair down and enjoy life. You might seek a career that combines a solid future with fun.

If your Sun is on the Capricorn side, your seriousness is balanced with a quirky sense of style and an incisive wit. If your Sun is on the Aquarian side, you take the world more seriously than most Aquarians; you keep your feet firmly on the ground even when lost in thought.

If your Sun is on the Aquarius side, your thoughts are slightly fuzzier, more dreamlike, and intuitive. If your Sun is on the Pisces side, your dreams and fantasies are sharper, clear and lucid, and you are fascinated by ideas and may be drawn to technology. Once you have a natal chart, you can explore other cusp areas in your chart. If they can maintain belief in themselves and in their ability to deal with stress, they can make their dreams come true. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books.

Pisces Dates: The Leap Year Bump

She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. March 15 Birthday Astrology. March 16 Birthday Astrology. March 17 Birthday Astrology.

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Friends and Lovers People born on this date are interested in Advertisement. Related March 15 Birthday Astrology. It goes more and more Aries way until the 20th when it is fully within its realm and and almost complete change of character takes place except for some residual Pisces characteristics which prevail until March 26th. So March 27th on it's all Aries.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

That's the truth. Your a Pisces, whether you like it or not. I mean, I am a Pisces as well, and every Pisces I know including myself are impatient, big tempers, and nag about a lot of stuff. So yeah, my point is you are a Pisces. I would suggest, if you can't tell the difference between the two, you should read about each one so that you know.

I was born on the last day of Pisces i. I get on with Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio. I would say I don't get on with Aries which is my dad's sign and probably Libra. My ex was an Aquarius. It wasn't really the best relationship cuz where the two or three signs don't match it was a firey relationship.

Have you ever asked yourself why you find things like this so fascinating?

March 16 Birthday Astrology

The reason, I suspect, is because down inside you feel uncertain and nervous about the future and think these things might help you feel more confident. But this is precisely why I urge you to put your trust in God alone for the future. As I have often said, predictions like these about the future are almost never on target or else they are too vague to really mean anything. Why build your life around them or get your guidance from them? They are only a substitute for the guidance you really need—which is from God. My other concern, however, is one that I hope you will take very seriously.